Health, safety and environmental respect during all phases of construction, is essential for Tracker Contracting Ltd. Evaluation of HSE compliance begins with the initial contract agreement and continues until sign off for completion of all projects.

The BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) provides Tracker with COR and Injury Management certifications.

Tracker has maintained its Certificate of Recognition for health and safety and Injury management since 2008.

Tracker has been a member of Complyworks since Jan of 2005.

Tracker has been a member of ISNet world since Oct of 2007.

Tracker has been a member of PICS since Oct. of 2005.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Tracker Contracting Ltd. recognizes the importance of every employee being able to perform his/her duties in a safe and professional manner. Trackers drug and alcohol policy is an important part of the Health and Safety program. In the best interest of all of our employees, Tracker Contracting Ltd. has implemented this drug and alcohol policy.

Roles and Responsibilities:


  • Tracker Contracting Ltd. Will provide supervisors with training for recognition of impairment and the appropriate response procedures.
  • Will inform all employees: They are deemed as working in safety-sensitive positions and/or safety-sensitive job sites while in the employ of Tracker Contracting Ltd.
  • All employees will require pre-employment drug & alcohol testing and subsequent random, reasonable cause and post incident as required.
  • Tracker Contracting Ltd. Will offer addiction treatment and accommodate attending treatment for employees with addiction problems.
  • Tracker Contracting Ltd. employees are encouraged to request treatment if an addiction problem exists.
  • All drug and alcohol testing will confirm with testing which is consistent with recognized industry standards (Enform Alcohol and Drug Policy Model, COAA Model for Providing a Safe Workplace, US DOT, HHS, or SAMHSA).
  • Drug and alcohol testing records must be kept confidential.

Supervisors and Foremen:

Tracker Contracting Ltd. supervisors, foremen or onsite personnel must not knowingly permit a person to remain at the workplace while that person’s ability to work is affected by alcohol, drugs or other substances.

  • Supervisors and foremen when confronted with person’s who:
    • Display signs of alcohol impairment,
    • Or appear to be under the influence of a controlled substance
    • Or suspected abusing over the counter medication
  • Are cleared medically to insure they are not suffering from a medical emergency (I.E. Diabetes, Stroke, Heat stroke or shock Etc.) before initiating the drug and alcohol policy.
  • A person must not enter or remain at any workplace while their ability to work is affected by alcohol, drugs or other substances.
  • A person must not remain at a workplace if the person’s behavior is affected by alcohol, a drug or other substance so as to create an undue risk to workers.
  • Onsite personnel suspected of violating this policy and are requested to comply with testing requirements will not be left alone and will be escorted to the recognized testing facility.

Workers, Subcontractors, Visitors and guests:

  • All employees are expected to be fit for duty and in a condition to carry out their assignments and responsibilities. It is a violation of this policy for employees to report for work at Tracker Contracting Ltd. premises, worksites, or on any assignment while under the influence of alcohol, prohibited, illegal or controlled substance.
  • The consumption, use, manufacture, dispensation, possession, distribution, promotion, provision, purchase, sale, transportation, concealment, transfer, or storage of unauthorized, prohibited, illegal or controlled substance and/or substance-related paraphernalia while performing company work Tracker Contracting Ltd. Premises, worksites, or on any assignment is prohibited.
  • Workers must inform their supervisor or manager if they are taking prescription medication that may have the potential to impair their ability to perform work safely.
  • Tracker Contracting Ltd. employees shall not attempt to destroy or tamper with drug-testing specimens or records or adulterate specimens.
  • Tracker Contracting Ltd. will collect a pre-employment drug and alcohol test and reserves the right to collect a drug and alcohol test at any time during the term of employment. Reasons for testing: pre-employment, reasonable cause, random (As per Owner/Client onsite requirements), pre-access and post incident.
  • Tracker Contracting Ltd. reserves the right to conduct drug and alcohol in house as well as using 3rd party testing.
  • In the event that a post incident drug testing must take place, Tracker Contracting Ltd. will conduct in house. In the event of a presumptive positive test, the person will be retested using an independent 3rd party drug testing facility to verify the results.
  • A positive drug test and/or an alcohol test result of .04 BAC or higher and/or a refusal or failure to test is considered a violation of this policy and grounds for immediate dismissal.
  • Prospective employees who have a presumptive positive test result during initial hiring may opt for 3rd party testing at their own expense.
  • Any employee violating this policy will be subject to the disciplinary process.
  • If a worker tests positive, such worker will be prohibited from working at or entering Tracker Contracting Ltd. worksites or facilities or carrying out work on behalf of Tracker Contracting Ltd. until such worker is cleared to return to work
  • Tracker Contracting Ltd. employees are encouraged to request addiction treatment
  • Employees will be accommodated for attending treatment of addiction problems.

With respect to Return to Work – Where employment is continued after a Policy violation program, employees will be required to pass a return to work test and be subject to unannounced testing as a condition of continued employment. Unannounced testing may be used as a monitoring tool to support the recovery of any employee assuming duties after treatment for an alcohol or drug dependency.

Tracker Health and Safety Manual available upon request